BioElectric Solutions, Inc. delivers turnkey medical device modules in Hardware, Software and dynamic system Modeling. Our design methodology contains a combination of the following services:

  • Concept Development
  • Cost Effective Research
  • Product Design and Integration
  • Project Management
  • Validation and Verification


Work with medical advisors on articulating the clinical need as a technological goal. Refine concept for any active medical device. Technical requirements specify device capabilities and performance. Use cases specify wholesale nhl jerseys sports jersey wholesale coupon codes device use by wholesale jerseys clinician or patient. Both requirements and use cases are refined in parallel with the development of a dynamic model or dummy interface where applicable.


Lead literature search and test feasibility of product concept using modeling, dry runs, in vitro and wholesale mlb jerseys in wholesale jerseys vivo studies. Use available cheap jerseys tools and optimally modify many off-the-shelf wholesale jerseys China instruments to reduce development time and increase robustness. Use a product-centered feasibility study to maximize the time allocated to wholesale mlb jerseys product conceptualization and minimize test apparatus build time. Write clinical protocols and integrate tests cheap nfl jersey china with existing clinical approaches. Ford Dee jersey youth Collaborate with clients, academic and clinical teams to conduct rapid iteration on device prototypes.


Use of modular architecture with repeated testing in hardware and software to facilitate integration and cheap nfl jerseys China guarantee robustness of interface. wholesale jerseys Use of networked-host-and-controller model to simplify device architecture when possible cheap hockey jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys and protect intellectual cheap jerseys property by maintaining it on an upgrading host. Host maintains research ideas that are later downloaded into device and verified independently, simplifying FDA submission. Hardware precision instrumentation design, from dc to 80 MHz and software, using modular C++ COM architecture. Build graphical user interfaces. Rapid integration with test and modeling tools including wholesale jerseys MATLAB and Labview.


Staff teams that reflect product development needs architecture. Interface with outsourced facilities and subcontractors. Maintain budget and wholesale baseball jerseys timelines, enforce product requirements and conduct wholesale nfl jersey wholesale jerseys design reviews.


Write wholesale jerseys protocols, design and implement cost-effective wholesale jersey simulation instruments that interface with device modules. Automate data collection and conduct statistical processing. Upgrade requirements as deemed necessary.