Performance Scale
Below Expectations 1.00 – 2.25
Met Expectations 2.25 – 3.75
Exceeded Expectations 3.75 – 5.00


Overall Satisfaction
How satisfied the client was overall with the services they received? 4.99
How proficient the client believes BioElectric Solutions was, within the scope of the services delivered? 4.99
How responsive BioElectric Solutions was in meeting the client’s needs and desires? 4.65
How close the results of the project came to the expectation set by BioElectric Solutions? 4.99
Cost Performance
How well BioElectric Solutions did in meeting projected costs, taking into account reasonable cost increases caused by unforeseen circumstances? 4.62
Schedule Performance
How well BioElectric Solutions did in meeting projected schedules, taking into account reasonable extensions caused by unforeseen circumstances? 4.70


The following are excerpts from letters of recommendation referring to principal of BioElectric Solutions, Eyad Kishawi.

“BioElectric Solutions, Inc. was very responsive to all technical aspects of the projects at … The success of the projects was due to Eyad’s technical expertise. He contributed his knowledge of product development and was an added value to the company.”
Project Manager at a public medical device company

“Eyad is a biomedical engineer who is proficient in Labview. Matlab, PowerLogic and Quartus. He implemented object-oriented code in C++ and his approach is hands-on… Eyad is technically proficient, self-motivated and comfortable working at the intersection of medical research and development.”
CTO of a neuro prosthesis company

“… Eyad has a very strong technical capability that allows him to quickly build his knowledge base and expertise in a subject and become a key contributor early in his involvement… I would highly recommend Eyad for your consideration.”
VP of interventional cardiology company

“… He was also instrumental in conceptualizing the development of an entirely new laboratory and a multi-axis robotic arm device designed to present auditory and visual stimuli in three-dimensional space… Eyad has performed competently and with a remarkable mind towards organizational considerations…. His advice was sought frequently by technical and scientific staff alike.”
Professor of ophthalmology and neurobiology

” I wholeheartedly endorse Eyad without reservation for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.”
Research biomedical engineering professor

“I have worked with hundreds of very good technical people at all degree levels and spanning the physical sciences. A smaller number of these associates and employees have been truly outstanding… Eyad Kishawi is one of these few who are both brilliant, and at the same time, possessed of rare maturity and common sense.”
President and CEO of a process plant company