Paid search marketing is ideal for affiliates & direct marketers because of the unique nature of this media. Never before in history can you get millions of people who are actively searching for you to be able to find you in minutes, sometimes seconds!

Every profitable paid search marketing campaign starts with research. In fact, without proper research, the chances of making money from any online marketing campaigns are very slim

Free Keyword Tool

You start with the free research tool by Google. Take the domain name of your site & you type it in, then you will get a list of words which are related to your site. Pick the keywords which are related your offer, also make sure these keywords have enough searches per month.

Related Keywords

Now you take the domain names of your direct competitors & you type them in, then you will get another list of keywords. Here is where you will start to find very relevant keywords which you missed out. Take those keywords, add them into your website. You then create similar pages with different keywords & topics.

Keyword Spy Tool

There are a lot keyword tools which can spy on your competitors. I use KeywordSpy because it is simple to use. You can start with the trial version if you do not wish to pay for the monthly subscription fees.

Keywords & Ads

With Google research tool, you can get related keywords, however, with other tools, you get the exact keywords & ads which your competitors are using. This is the fastest way to get the most targeted keywords that convert best.

Look at the history of your competitors, if you notice that they are using a particular word or ad for at least 14 – 30 days, you can be sure that keyword is at least doing alright for them. Nobody will keep running a losing campaign, right?

Search Marketing Mindset

People who are actively searching online are looking for something, either they want to look for more information or they have a problem to solve or they want to buy something. This is the core reason why this media works so well for affiliates & direct marketers.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Unfortunately, many people are not good with developing their unique selling point even though it is such an important thing. There are still many businesses without a proper selling point & still making some money with search marketing!

This shows that your lack of uniqueness does not stop you from making some money! However, you still need to have be unique in order to make more money & to survive long in your market place.